Introducing a MILK CAPSULE which contains a chain of 10 amino acids, with anti-stress & relaxing properties, giving the same effect as soothing milk to calm a baby. Helps prevent stress manifestation like hairloss, pimple outbreak...etc.
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What is Feel Good Lactium?

Feel Good Lactium is a new and unique food supplement made of milk protein hydrolysate that reduces stress.

How does Feel Good Lactium work in managing stress?

Feel Good Lactium stimulates the brain to release an amino acid called “Gamma – Amino Butyric Acid (GABA)”, which reduces the release of “stress hormones” : Adrenalin and Cortisol.
With the reduction of these stress hormones, physical stress manifestations such as anxiety/nervousness, increased blood pressure, pimple outbreaks, hair loss, fatigue, eating and sleeping disorders, weak immune system and alike are not manifested. Thus, even under stressful situations, once can manage to be relaxed, focused and show no sign of stress at all.

Is Feel Good Lactium safe for you?

Numerous clinical studies have confirmed that Feel Good Lactium is completely harmless, non-addictive and has zero side effects. It is proven to be safe even for lactose intolerant people. A food supplement that can be taken daily, FDA registered under BFAD FR No. 85114.


• Lactium® acts on the brain and has no side-effects, in terms of sedation or addiction. Lactium® is a hypoallergenic, hydrolyzed milk protein. It is all-natural and has no toxic effect on the body, even at high doses.

• 7clinical studies have confirmed the positive effect Lactium® has on the body.

• In combination with a healthy lifestyle, the correct dosage of Lactium® can gently help restore your well-being and happiness.


LACTIUM efficiency was tested on rats & confirmed through human clinical trials on 234 volunteers.

To complete the PROCLAIM study based on well-being improvement statements, we have conducted studies measuring biological stress parameters: hormone assays (cortisol, ACTH), cardiovascular parameters (systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, heart rate).

Stress was induced by mental or physical tests. All clinical trials used randomized, double-blind & placebo-controlled design were conducted on healthy volunteers & were made according to Good Clinical Practice Guidelines in agreement with official ethical committees.

LACTIUM is safe based on acute & chronic toxilogy studies. Pre-clinical & clinical evidences indicate that LACTIUM does not case any drowsiness, habituation, memory loss, weight variation or addiction. The lactose content is much less than the intolerance threshold & LACTIUM is a milk hydrolysate which is the less allergenic form of milk proteins.



While it is a myth that stress can turn hair gray, stress can cause hairloss. In fact, telogen effluvium (hairloss) can begin up to three months after a stressful event.

Stress can make acne worse. Researchers say stress-related inflammation rather than a rise is sebum (the oily substance in skin) is to blame.

Long term exposure to stress can lead to serious problems. It can rise blood pressure.

Sleep disorders cause more than just sleepiness. The lack of quality sleep can have a negative impact on your energy, emotional balance and health.


Chronic stress decreases the body's immune system's response to infection and can affect a person's response to immunizations.


Your heart rate increases or decreases depending on a number of factors - physical demand, chemical interactions (like coffee or nicotine), emotional episodes and  stressful situations.


When we feel overwhelmed or out-of-control, we naturally try to find ways to cope with these unpleasant feelings. For some, binge-eating or restricting calories becomes a way of dealing with the stress.


While some workplace stress is normal, excessive stress can interfere with your productivity and impact your physical and emotional health. Your ability to deal with it can mean the difference between success or failure



Janine Daquio

Taking this food supplement really helped my day to feel active and to relax despite of the stressful situation.

Fernando Lachica

Oh I've got this in Blogapalozza too and really feels good and the medicine too. Luckily, I've purchased another for me and for my brother.

Maria Suzanne

I don’t know how to describe it, I felt “stable” and more “centered.”  I was able to sleep soundly.

As usual, my little one woke me up around 3:00am but even then, I felt more calm and was able to go back to sleep immediately. When I woke up in the morning, it was as if I slept for a looong time. Wow!

I actually told the husband that morning how good I actually feel. I can’t wait for him to try it as well.
“A month after taking Feel Good Lactium, finally I got pregnant.  Before, I have difficulty in my monthly period but after taking it the discomfort was lessen. And even I sleep less than 6 hours, I feel that I am fully awake and stress free.”

Kristine Moya

Ana Ria Nueva

“I used to sleep lightly,I’d wake up at the slightest noise/sound. When I started taking Feel Good
Lactium,I get better quality of sleep and upon
waking up,I feel well rested.”

Dolores Bombales

“When I started taking Feel Good Lactium, I get a better sleep, then when I wake up in the morning I feel na magaan sa pakiramdam.”

Danessa Santos

“It helps me a lot especially before may insomnia ako; nung nagstart ako mag-take ng feel good lactium na-achieve ko yun 8 hours of sleep; then pagising ko andun yung feeling na relax ka and masasabi mo na nakatulog ka talaga ng maayos so I'm ready to face another day. ”

Jamaica Paulino

“When I tried taking Feel Good Lactium, it's like having enough and quality sleep kahit pa less than 8 hrs ang tulog mo. Alam mo naman tayong mga nanay, ikaw ang pinakahuling matutulog at ikaw din ang unang magigising. So kahit short period of time lang ang sleep, quality deep sleep naman ang binibigay nito.”


What is Lactium?
- Lactium is a protein hydrolysate derived from milk that when taken it prevents stress manifestation (PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL) due to its content a bioactive peptide that has relaxing properties.

What is Feel Good Lactium?
- Feel Good Lactium is a natural food supplement made of milk protein hydrolysate that reduces stress.

What is Feel Good Lactium used for?
- Feel Good Lactium is used to regulate stress symptoms and to help people coping with stress and overcoming stressful events.

How does Feel Good Lactium work in managing stress?
- Feel Good Lactium stimulates the brain to release an amino acid called “Gamma - Amino Butyric Acid (GABA)”, which reduces the release of “stress hormones”: Adrenalin and Cortisol.

Is Feel Good Lactium safe?
- Numerous clinical studies confirmed that Feel Good Lactium is completely harmless, non-addictive and has zero side effects and FDA registered under BFAD FR No. 85114.
- Feel Good Lactium presents no danger to health at the recommended doses. It does not have any side-effects, in terms of either habituation or sedation. It is a milk protein hydrolysate and is therefore hypoallergenic. Feel Good Lactium does not cause any addiction. Neither does it have any toxic effect on the body, even at high doses. Being natural, it is totally harmless.

Are there any risks of allergenicity?
-Feel Good Lactium only contains very little amount of lactose which made it considered as hypoallergenic. Consuming high contents of lactose is the main cause of allergy to people.
-Feel Good Lactium only contains lactose (<0.5%) and therefore presents no risk to person with lactose-intolerance because they can intake up to 5g of lactose per day.

Can Feel Good Lactium be used to fight depression or anxiety disorders?
- Feel Good Lactium can be associated to a behavioral therapy but it is not a drug. As a consequence, it cannot replace any medical treatment prescribed to fight pathological anxiety or depressive illness.

Does drinking milk have a similar effect as taking Feel Good Lactium?
- No. The enzymes (Trypsin) present in babies digestive systems are responsible for the release of bioactive peptide with relaxing properties called alpha-casozepine. However, it is only released by neonates but not in adults. The enzymatic system in adult needs to be much more complex and cannot allow the quantitative delivery of this specific sequence from the protein.

Does Feel Good Lactium have any antihypertensive effect?
- Feel Good Lactium modulates blood pressure increase during stressful situation but not the ambulatory blood pressure (hypertension). Thus, Feel Good Lactium does not have an antihypertensive or hypotensive effect.

Does Feel Good Lactium safe to pregnant women?
- We don’t have precise data about this in humans due to ethical matters in conducting study but during the testing phase among pregnant animals, It does not alter pregnancy duration, maternal behavior or care of young animals. It does not induce any trouble in physical, locomotive, behavioral or cognitive development in the neonates. Therefore the use of Feel Good Lactium among pregnant human is not recommended.

Can Feel Good Lactium be prescribed to children?
- Feel Good Lactium is of natural origin and can be used at all ages, even by children. You   may also consult your Physician prior to giving it to your kids.

When should Feel Good Lactium be taken?
-  It could be taken either in the morning or in the evening depending on your feelings and specific needs like before going to stressful work, exam, important meeting, and few days before a stressful event to anticipate or at night, in order to have a relaxed mind and to have better sleep.

How long should I take Feel Good Lactium?

- Feel Good Lactium can be taken as a daily supplement for several days and can be even used for several weeks in case of chronic symptoms, depending on the person and the stress level.

How many hours after consuming Feel Good Lactium can we feel the effects?

- A real sensation of well being frequently appears after one week to 15 days. Remember that Feel Good Lactium helps to regulate stress and stress symptoms. The perceived effect may be different from one situation to another, depending on the level of stress and the individual.

Can Feel Good Lactium induce any side effects?

- Feel Good Lactium does not induce any side effect. In particular, Feel Good Lactium does not induce addiction, tolerance, memory loss or sedation. It does not cause arousal, reactivity or decrease in alertness. Furthermore, no physiological adverse effects were noticed.

How does Feel Good Lactium taste and what is its physical appearance?

- Feel Good Lactium has a slight bitter taste and comes with a white cream powder.

Is Feel Good Lactium water or fat soluble?

- Feel Good Lactium has affinity for both aqueous and lipid phases. At a recommended dosage, it solubilizes correctly into water.

source: Ingredia / American Psychological Association


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